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Urban Flosarus
Playing Anything With a Groove From Louis Armstrong to The Roots!
Category: R&B & Urban
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by Moose Harris
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October 12, 2017 02:30 PM PDT

So many things have happened around here, that one has to adjust the settings in a postive way.
New places, new stations, new benchmarks. It's time to set some new goals.
The one thing that will not change is good music. It may sound different from time to time, but you know good music when you hear it!

@Moose_Harris - Instagram & Twitter

Part 1
1 - Team Backpack Cypher Produced by Chase Moore by Demrick, Trizz, Passionate MC
2 - No One by Whoaa
3 - Born Inner Struggle by Subverted Kapers
4 - Finally Featuring SWV by Bell, Biv Devoe
5 - Getting My Weight Up by K-Rino
6 - Playa Made (End of Part 1)by Juggteam

Part 2
7 - Point of Life by Kyle Hubbard
8 - Talkin to My Liquor by Skully
9 - Monarch Lover by Issac Skye
10 - You Grew Up by Oddisee
11 - 25 Lighters Featuring Lil Keke & ESG by Eliot Ness
12 - My Cousin Nem House by Rue Dawg
13 - Playa Playa (End of Part 2)by Big Mike

Part 3
14 - Blowing off Steam Featuring Snubnose Frnakenstein by Akil the MC
15 - We Movin by AZ
16 - Mary Jane by Rick James
17 - Made it Happen Featuring Trae Da Truth by Runway Richy
18 - Peeping You by Scottie Pimpin
19 - Swingout Featuring Partners-n-Crime by New Cupid
20 - Sugar By the Pound by Amerigo Gazaway
21 - Baby, Scratch My Back (End of Part 3)by Slim Harpo

Part 4
22 - Family Feud (feat Beyonce)by Jay-z
23 - Show Me the Way Featuring Aloe Blacc by Dilated Peoples
24 - Perspective by Tru Blu
25 - Brick Body Complex by Open Mike Eagle
26 - Take a Stand by Marleveli Shakur
27 - Opposite People by Russell Cormier
28 - Messengersby Jay Douglass & Chris Pritchard
29 - Searching (End of Show)by Roy Ayers

September 01, 2017 09:19 PM PDT

The more things change, the more they stay the same.... Back and for, cycle by cycle, subject by subject.... The world spins like a CD.....

@Moose_Harris - Twitter & IG

@UrbanGroovz - Twitter





Part 1
1 - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips
2 - Mash It Up Featuring Redddaz & Dylan by SheReal
3 - Spice Girl by Amine
4 - Back to the Old Me by X
5 - Ain't That Funkin Kinda Hard On You by George Clinton / Funkadelic
6 - Groovallegiance (End of Part 1)by Funkadelic

Part 2
7 Sugar By the Pound by Amerigo Gazaway
8 - Thrasher by N.E.R.D.
9 - Panties in a Jumble by Apollo Brown & Planet Asia
10 - Love So Dumb by YTZ
11 - World in MY Hands Featuring Smino & LEGIT by Saba
12 - Look at Me by Brandon Rossi
13 - Due Yo Thang by Devin the Dude
14 - If It Hadn't Been for You (End of Part 2)by A June & J Beat

Part 3
15 - Talkin to My Liquor by Skully
16 - I Do This by Mike Prince Jr
17 - Outlet by Desiigner
18 - Basquiet On the Draw by Apollo Brown & Skyzoo
19 - Roll Bounce by AxJ
20 - Copacabana Blues by NEFA Records
21 - Off Topic by Div. W
22 - I Can't Breathe (End of Part 3)by Rugz D Bewler

Part 4
23 - I'm Tired by Big Frost
24 - Southern Girl by Jamal STEELE
25 - Southern Girl by Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly
26 - Smokin' Loud by Cannibus Club Hef
27 - I Didn't Mean to Turn You On by Robert Palmer
28 - I Didn't Mean to Turn You On by Cherelle
29 -Leave You Alone by S-PYanage
30 - Tap Out by Venkman
31 - Trick Don't Kill My Vibe Featuring Jay-Z (End of Show)by Kendrick Lamar

July 09, 2017 09:32 PM PDT

Well at the time of this recording, Hurricane Season had not officially started yet, except we were dealing with "Hurricane Like" conditions weather wise. So just like a Hurricane, I'm going through a long cycle of Hot Music!

Send your Radio Edited Music, Insturmentals (Beats), and DJ Mixes to Urban.Flosarus@gmail.com

@Moose_Harris - Twitter & IG
@Urbangroovz - Twitter



1 - Asiah Dio - Mugface (Producer Instrumental)
2 - Joe Scott - Recognize (1:03)
3 - See Right - 10 Toes Down (4:38)
4 - Alvin Garrett - Ms. Perfection Feat. Zapp (8:20)
5 - Jamal Steele - Southern Girl (11:55)
6 - Cupid & Partners N Crime - Swing Out (14:42)
7 - Fat Joe & Remi Ma - Heartbreak Feat. The Dream (18:34)
8 - Devin the Dude - Do Yo Thang (22:54)
9 - Mr. Mixa - Clouds (Producer Instrumental / End of Part 1)

10 - David Banner - Who Want It Feat. Black Thought & WatchtheDuck (28:09)
11 - Jay Electronica - Letter to Falon (31:46)
12 - Lyrikill & Prospek - Running Through My Mind (35:19)
13 - Mr. 1st Blood - Rock Out Feat. DB (38:13)
14 - NEFA Records - No Limit Forever (41:53)
15 - Vocalz Iz & DJ Joe Red - Jewel Thief (Bounce Mix) (44:11)
16 - Poppa Hussein - Lit (Remix) (47:26)
17 - Nilelige - Let's Party (51:00)
18 - Rediculus - Tuesday Morning Driving Music (Producer Instrumental / End of Part 2) (54:05)

19 - Jay-Z - The Story of OJ (56:09)
20 - Killin H8 - YLALO (You Live at Least Once) (1:00:17)
21 - Arkansas Bo - Edify (1:04:38)
22 - Idesia - Ain't Over (1:08:26)
23 - The Wizard of Barz - All I Need is Music Feat. Lyrical Wolf (1:11:24)
24 - Asiah Dio - Mirror, Mirror (1:15:10)
25 - Apollo Brown & Planet Asia - Dalai Lama Slang (1:18:09)
26 - Moose Harris - Coolishness (Producer Instrumental / End of Part 3) (1:22:06)

27 - Bell Biv Devoe - One More Try Feat. Boys II Men (1:24:09)
28 - Crucial - On My Grind (1:28:50)
29 - SadeVILLIAN - Hot Pants (Original) (1:32:11)
30 - SadeVILLIAN - Hot Pants (Remix) (1:33:27)
31 - S-PYanage - Leave You Alone (1:34:42)
32 - Mary J. Blige - Love Yourself Feat. Kayne (1:39:01)
33 - The Roots - Bittersweet (Side A) (1:43:59)
34 - The Roots - Bittersweet (Side B) (1:46:57)
35 - Swell - We Got Jazz (Producer Instrumental / End of Show) (1:50:14)
Total Time - 1:52:25

June 07, 2017 07:32 PM PDT

Back in March, 2017, Urban Flosarus was picked up by KIEE 88.3 (Lafayette, La) as well as its sister station KOCZ 92.9 (Opelousas, La). I am back to doing live shows on these two stations Mondays & Thursdays 8-10pm cst.

About a month later, I decided to expand the broadcast to Facebook Live, so all the usual extra singing, dancing, and general good times that goes on with me in a radio studio can be seen and embraced.

I am now taking another step in taking those Facebook Live broadcasts, complete with the extra commentary, and producing them to the other affiliate stations and the podcasts, for your listening pleasure!

@Moose_Harris - IG & Twitter
@UrbanGroovz - Twitter


Part 1
1 Lee Majors Instrumental (Producer Instrumental / Show Intro) by Swelly
2 Mask Off Remix Featuring Kendirck Lamar by Future
3 Anti-Social Music Lessons Featuring Harry Ixer &Meez by Ricky Lix & Meezy
4 Hip-Hop as a Whole by Flood
5 Nodding Off by Apollo Brown & Skyzoo
6 Who Want It? Featuring Black Thought & WatchTheDuck by David Banner
7 Black Collar (End of Part 1) by Marcel P. Black

Part 2
8 All I Need is Music by Elektro aka The Wizard of Barz
9 New Shoes featuring City Sparks, Alfred Banks, & Elespee by Lyrikill
10 Hot Pants by SadeVILLAIN
11 Acoustic Levitation by Devin the Dude
12 Everyday Diamonds by Wilson Miles
13 ICU by Que the Alpha
14 Wait For It Instrumental (Producer Instrumental / End of Part 2) by Avevo

Part 3
15 Slave Featuring Serge Boogie by White Owl & Statik Selectah
16 He Said, She Said by Talib Kweli
17 On My Way by Sassy Sings
18 Higher by Smoov Ras & The Reflection
19 Superhero Featuring MF DOOM by Kool Keith
20 Truthful Perspective by Soloman Gehazi
21 Flying High by Snowman the Don
22 Bittersweet (Side B) (End of Part 3) by The Roots

Part 4
23 Edify by Arkansas Bo
24 Whippin Featuring Blac Youngster by Errol Westbrook
25 Copacabana Blues by NEFA Records
26 God by Zank
27 Where I Stay Featuring Substantial by Marcel P. Black
28 Gonna Get You by Vocalz Iz
29 Homecoming by Alfred Banks
30 FLAC (DJ Mix) (End of Show) by DJ Elektro

June 07, 2017 05:18 PM PDT

Back for another edition, featuring a long time talent and friend. You've been listening to his music for years, here on Urban Flosarus. You may or may not have known it yet.

Producer, MC, Battle Rapper, Businessman - Swell is all that, and then some. And I am fortunate enough to have him as the special guest interview. He's been representing Lafayette, La for over a decade now from coast to coast. This was a cool sit down to catch up and discuss what he and friends have been up to.


@Moose_Harris - Twitter & IG
@UrbanGroovz - Twitter

Part 1
1 Urban Flosarus Intro by Moose Harris
2 Gratitude by Talib Kweli
3 Hot Pants by SadeVillain
4 Hot Pants (Remix) by SadeVillain
5 Saint Pablo Featuring Frank Ocean by Kayne West
6 One More Try Featuring Boys II Men by Bell, Biv, Devoe
7 Leave You Alone by S-PYanage
8 High Neighbor (Producer Instrumental / End of Part 1) by Frank D

Part 2
9 Classic Like That by Aliano & Jakk Wonders
10 Swelly Interview Part 1 by Moose Harris & Swelly Swell
11 Why Not Featuring Aplee by Swelly Swell
12 Swelly Interview Part 2 by Moose Harris, Swelly Swell, & Anthony
13 To Me, That's Dope by Swelly Swell
14 Shot Callers n by Doon
15 Higher by Asiah Dio
16 Diamonds Under Dark Lights (Producer Instrumental / End of Part 2) by Rediculus

Part 3
17 SwingOut Featuring Partners-N-Crime by New Cupid
18 Gonna Get You by Vocalz Iz
19 When We Party Featuring Notorious BIG & Snoop Dogg by Faith Evens
20 Gettin My Weight Up by K-Rino
21 Edify by Arkansas Bo
22 Nodding Off by Apollo Brown & Skyzoo
23 Evolution by V-LO
24 Troy Ave Type Beat (Producer Instrumental / End of Part 3) by Mr. Mixa

Part 4
25 In the Lobby by K to the A Y
26 Hip-Hop As a Whole by Flood
27 Anti-Social Music Lessons by Ricky Lix & Meezy
28 Wait For It by Dolla Black
29 Hunnid on the Highway Featuring Kuzzo Hundon by Fat Boi
30 Dreams by /Kimbro
31 WYM by Lord Dreameaux
32 Gotta Get It by Oso Slick
33 We Got Jazz (Producer Instrumental / End of Show) by Swelly

February 12, 2017 12:39 PM PST

Helping Myself Through Helping Others" is the motto I live by, and was the thought process through the creation of Urban Flosarus. Going into year number 7 of this show, with all the good music, and plans for the show and beyond, what better way to proclaim all that's being done?

@Moose_Harris & @Urbangroovz - Twitter
@Moose_Harris - IG

Part 1
1 Arriving in Style (Producer Instrumental / Introduction to Show) by Rediculus
2 First In Featuring OG Munchee by YDS
3 Living Single by SheReal
4 501 by D Dirt LittleRockObama
5 The Wiz by Silas
6 The Wizard of Barz by Elektro
7 Playamade Featuring Yung C by Juggteam
8 Psalms (Producer Instrumental / End of Part 1) by M-16 Beats

Part 2
9 There's an Art to Sleeping by L'Orange & Mr. Lif
10 Dreams Featruing Chris Prythm by Kimbro
11 Slave Featuring Serge Boogie by White Owl & Statik Selektah
12 Taking the Vodka by Jack D
13 Hunnid On The Highway Featruing Kuzzo Hundon by Fat Boi
14 Get a Streak Going by D. Maca
15 Bad Dreams by Jah Rooti
16 Play By the Rules by Da Villins
17 Grinding by 504 Detroit
18 Venice Beach (Producer Instrumental / End of Part 2) by Wes Green

Part 3
19 The Fixture (Producer Instrumental) by Wes Green
20 Forget Me Now by QUEEN
21 Jade Go to Bed by Jade Wilson
22 Be The One by Nico Brown
23 Classic Like That by Aliano & Jakk Wonders
24 We Got That Featruing Scrooge by A-F-R-O
25 25 Lighters Featruing Lil. Keke & E.S.G. by Eliot Ness
26 Light It Up (Dubmatrix Blaze Up Riddim) (Producer Instrumental / End of Part 3) by Morgan Heritiage

Part 4
27 Full Circle Featuring Breana Martin (Producer Instrumental / Start of Part 4) by E-Trou
28 Super Hero Featuring MF Doom by Kool Keith
29 The Mascot by Malc Stewy
30 FLAC Featuring Elektro, Charlie Bobbarino & Joey Da 'Y' by Moose Harris & S-Pyanage
31 The Ends & Outs by Stik Figa
32 92 Bars by The Game
33 Rise by Armed Rhymery
34 Copacabana Blues by NEFA Records
35 We Got Jazz (Producer Instrumental / End of Show) by Swelly

August 10, 2016 09:36 AM PDT

It's been a long summer in many ways.... Unfortunately, there have been many ways, and there are people who are unsatisfied with the results of those ways. I'm taking the time to present a musical interpretation of those concerns from this summer....

Part 1

1 - Last Poets - Black Wish
2 - Common - U, Black Maybe
3 - Dee-1 Featuring Big KRIT & Lupe Fiasco - Against Us
4 - Uncle Chess Featuring Muk - Another One's Gone
5 - The Roots - When the People Cheer
6 - Multiple Skillz & Reaper on the Beat - Open Your Eyes
7 - Son Sound & D. Francis Featuring 5th Child - The Revolutionaries
8 - Moose Harris What Numbers(Producer Instrumental / End of Part 1)

Part 2

9 - Marcel P. Black - Jigga City Blues
10 - The Dubonauts - Institutions
11 - L'Daialogue - Present a Specific Plan
12 - Neva the Soul Diva & Kamal Supreme - Stop the Violence
13 - Red Gator Featuring Jimi Clever - Stop the Violence
14 - Trinidad James Featuring Big KRIT - Black Man Part 1
15 - Got Damage / Lil Clark - Digital Smoke Signals (Lil Clark Remix)
16 - Jessica IAMAIR - Legend of Me Poem

Part 3

17 - Boosie Badass - Wake Up
18 - Kayne West Featuring Frank Ocean - New Slaves
19 - Marcel P. Black Featuring Tef Poe - Boss
20 - Marz the Superior - Disconnect
21 - Lyrikill - Leaderless
22 - Bigg Dogg - Calmdown
23 - Revolutionary Sean Kuti & Egypt 80s - IMF

(End of Part 3)

Part 4

24 - Talib Kweli - Gratitude
25 - Dead Prez Featuring Divine RBG - Malcom, Garvey, Huey
26 - David Banner - Swag
27 - Caskey - Words
28 - Marcel P. Black Featuring Substantial - Where I Stay
29 - Ugly Heroes - Heart Attack
30 - DJ Nappy Needles - Soul Food

@Moose_Harris & @Urbangroovz - Twitter

@Moose_Harris - IG



June 01, 2016 10:43 AM PDT

A bunch of new music, repeated favorites and some Urban Flosarus Classics... All kinds of grooves for you to catch for about 2 hours!

If You're an artist with Radio Edited Music....
A DJ with a Mix....
A Producer with Instrumentals....

Email me at Urban.Flosarus@gmail.com

@Moose_Harris - Twitter & IG
@Urbangroovz - Twitter




Part 1
1.Make Em Dance (Yeah!) (Beginning of Show)by Moose Harris
2.Gullah Gullah Island by SilaS
3.Real Feat. QTG & JDuvv by Chase Dollarx
4.Mismatch by Juju Gotti
5.Maria by Coota Brown
6.Payback by J. Duke
7.All Men are Mortal by Pimpton
8.Boss Featuring Tef Poe (End of Part 1)by Marcel P. Black

Part 2
9.Eyes of a Ghost Feat. Yaeo by Soldjasoulz & Ricky Lix
10.Blue Sky by Da Kreek
11.Freedom Feat. Kendrick Lamar by Beyonce
12.What a Liar Feat. Real-A-Fyde by P Digga
13.Homecoming by Alfred Banks
14.This is Hot, What? by DJ Nappy Needles
15.Wasted Talent by NewRougeSton
16.Preachin 2 Em (End of Part 2) by S-PYanage

Part 3
17.Femme Fatalia by HipHopChef360 X KidInfamous
18.Headphones by E.O.K.
19.Living in Darkness by Zank
20.Morphine by Gneiss
21.Be Alright by Mizery Da Beast
22.Fearless Feat. Chip-Fu, DoItAll, & Afu-Ra by Optimystic
23.Lets Go Feat. The Clipse by Sir Aah
24.Appropriate Groupie (Producer Instrumental / End of Part 3) by Moose Harris

Part 4
25.Reconsider Feat. Skyzoo by A. Levy
26.Ocean Blue Feat. E.D. Nix & Jon Mercure by Wes B.
27.Champion Song by Slangston Hughes
28.Church by R.A.
29.Church by BJ the Chicago Kid
30.Truthful Perspective by Solomon Gehazi
31.We Got Jazz (Producer Instrumental / End of Show) by Swelly

April 15, 2016 01:26 PM PDT

For the first time in a long time, I am able to have not one, but TWO special guests for this episode!

In the first hour, Indianapolis Music Legend, Artist, DJ, etc RUSTY REDENBACHER blesses us with a 30 minute mix entitled "Hip-Hop Heaven (in light of the recent passings of Hip-Hop Legends, both in 2016 and previously).

In the Second hour, I have music and an interview with Memphis "InDAIpendent" MC and Businessman L'Daialogue DiCaprio. We talk about his extensive discography, his latest project, and his view on making things happen in this industry.

For Rusty Redenbacher
@Rustymk2 - Twitter

For L'Daialogue
@Ldaialogue - Twitter / IG

For Moose Harris
@Moose_Harris - Twitter & IG
@Urbangroovz - Twitter





Part 1
1.High Neighbor (Producer Instrumental / Urban Flosarus Intro) by Frank D
2.Wishin' Part 2 by PRyme & Black Thought
3.Reconsider by A. Levy Featuring Skyzoo
4.Church by BJ the Chicago Kid Featuring Chance the Rapper
5.A Beautiful Song by Alfred Banks
6.Bless You by Alfred Banks
7.Time for That by Kevin Gates
8.70's Swagger (Producer Instrumental / End of Part 1) by Swelly

Part 2 - DJ Rusty Redenbacher Mix - "Hip-Hop Heaven"
9.Check The Rhyme by A Tribe Called Quest
10.They Reminisce Over You by Pete Rock & CL Smooth
11.Juicy by Notorious B.I.G.
12.It's So Hard by Big Pun
13.Mass Appeal by Gang Starr
14.I Get Around by Tupac
15.Straight Outta Compton by NWA
16.Ain't No Future in Your Frontin by MC Breed
17.Jump by Kris Kross
18.Nuttin' But Love by Heavy D
19.Shimmy Shimmy Ya by Ol' Dirty Bastard
20.Award Tour (End of Part 2) by A Tribe Called Quest

Part 3 - Interview With L'Daialogue DiCaprio
21.Self Esteem Featuring Moose Harris
22.Present a Specific Plan
23.Restore The Feeling

Part 4
24.Let Go by Mr. Lif Featuring Selina Carrera
25.Melody by Klutch
26.Watch That Bull by Cupid
27.Pop Style by Drake Featuring The Throne
28.Vibe to This by K. Toomer
29.Wake Up by Boosie Badass Featuring Pimp C
30.No More Parties in LA (End of Part 4) by Kayne West Featuring Kendrick Lamar

February 23, 2016 12:01 PM PST

Another good DJ friend has stepped up and submitted a mix for Urban Flosarus. DJ Da'Voyse I've been knowing for many years, and has been making his mark in New Orleans.
For DJ Da'Voyse:

Harry DjDa'Voyse Hurst


For Moose Harris:

@Moose_Harris (Twitter & IG)



1.African Brothers Dub (Dub Remix) by Dubmatrix Featuring SKaya
2.Fearless by OPTIMYSTIC Featuring CHIP-FU, DOITALL, & AFU-RA
3.Black Timbs by 100 Proof
4.Mo Better Cool by Big K.R.I.T. Featuring Bun-B
5.Surviving the Times by Nas
6.Freq Freq by Clear Soul Forces Featuring Kooley High
7.Top Billin by DJ MOAR Featuring Audio Two

9.Let You Tell It by P.A.T.

10.Da Vocab by Fugees
11.Remember to Forget by Murs
12.Passing Me By(Chill remix) by The Pharcyde
13.Change by Shades of Brooklyn
14.R.E.C. Room by Inspectah Deck
15.Instrumental (End of DJ Da'Voyse Mix & Part 2) by Unknown

16.2 Dollars by Zeus Jupiter
17.Outstanding by L.I. Trump
18.Skip Music (Weirdos) by L'Daialogue
19.Homecoming by Alfred Banks
20.No More Parties in LA by Kayne West Featuring Kendrick Lamar
21.Free Samples by Made Groceries
22.I Don't Even Know by Kaz Korleone
23.Fin (Producer Instrumental) by Slot-A

24.Where I Stay by Marcel P. Black Featuring Substantial
25.Wishin' Part 2 by PRhyme Featuring Black Thought
26.Over by Mr. Kenetik & Rusty Redenbacher
27.Water for Horses by PozLyrix
28.Calmdown by Big Dogg
29.Do It by M. Harris & S-PYanage
30.We Got Jazz (Producer Instrumental / End of Show) by Swelly

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